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Diagnostic Scanner & DPF Regeneration Tool For Mercedes Sprinter

  • $28999

Service and Maintain Your Mercedes Sprinter Van On The Road.

The Mercedes Sprinter diagnostic scanner enables you to perform forced DPF regeneration and diagnostics, read and erase the fault codes, graph live data, EVAP test, O2 sensor test, oil light reset, ABS testing and much more. It works on all Mercedes Sprinter Trucks listed in the drop down box above.

One of the highlights of this tool is that you will be able to perform a forced DPF regen on your Mercedes Sprinter when the DPF light comes on. This alone will save you hundreds of dollars each time instead of taking it to a mechanic (as well as saving the time of taking it to a mechanic).

With the code reader, you can also quickly find out trouble causes of electronically controlled systems on your truck, by simply connecting the reader to the diagnostic socket, whilst reading the trouble code (DTC) shown on the device, and hence, identifying, locating and checking trouble causes.

Package Includes:

1 x Diagnostic scan tool
1 x USB cable to connect to PC
1 x User manual
1 x flash card for saving data
1 x Connection cable to vehicle
1 x Nylon carry bag

Choose your Mercedes Sprinter year and model from the drop down list above.

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  • Perform forced DPF regeneration (Diesel Particulate Filter), diagnostics and reset function
  • Reads and clears trouble codes on most of the systems such as engine, transmission, ABS and airbag etc.
  • Support OBDII/EOBD Ten Modes of Operation
  • Read Live Data
  • Full ECU Diagnosis
  • Applies to the single Brand of most of the Models which equipped with OBDII-16 DLC
  • Easy To Use With Silicone Keys
  • Oil Light/Service Reset: Support service lamp reset.
  • Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) system maintenance deactivates and reactivates the EPB system for replacement and initialization.
  • Battery Management System (BMS), registers new battery to the BMS while battery replacement.
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration control system, requests the DPF regeneration process while DPF blockage and turn off the DPF indicator.
  • Electronic Throttle Control system (ETC) relearns the throttle valve control value while clear or replace the throttle valve.
  • SAS: Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) calibration, calibrates the steering wheel to straight ahead, or recalibrates SAS while steering part replacement.
  • The Print Data function allows you printing out diagnostic data recorded by the scan tool or customized test reports.
  • Battery test allows you getting the voltage of battery with OBD port by the scan tool when the engine starts.
  • DTC Library to lookup when user is operating this tool.
  • Upgrade Via PC.

Choose your Mercedes Sprinter year and model from the drop down list above.

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  • Drive
    • ME2.8 (6,8 cylinders) (Motor Electronics)
    • ME2-SFI (Motor Electronics)
    • ME2.7 (Motor Electronics)
    • ME-SFI (Motor Electronics)
    • ME-SFI2.8 (Motor Electronics)
    • ECM (Engine control monolith)
    • CDI & CDI2 & CDI3 & CDI4 & CDI5 & CDI6 & CDID & CDI-V1 (Common Rail Diesel Injection)
    • CDID3 (Motor electronics)
    • FTC (Front Transmission Control)
    • ETC (Electronic Transmission Control)
    • ESM (Electronic Selector Module)
    • TC/VG (Transfer Case)
    • ACS (Automatic Clutch System)
    • GRM (Gear Recognition Module)
    • DTR (Distronic)
    • FSCU/FSCU_EC (Fuel pump)
    • ISM (Shift module)
    • ME97 (Motor Electronics)
    • MED97(MotorElectronics)
    • MED177 (Motor Electronics)
    • SIM271DE20 (Motor Electronics)
    • SIM271KE20 (Motor Electronics)
    • SIM271KECNG (MotorElectronics)
    • SGR (Radar sensors control unit)
    • CDI60LS (Motor Electronics)
    • IRS-HLA (Outer left rear intelligent radar sensor system)
    • IRS-HRA (Outer right rear intelligent radar sensor system)
    • HAQ (Interwheel differential lock at rear axle)
    • MED40 (Motor electronics)
    • SG_EM
    • UFPCAMG -Comtrol unit 'Fuel pump'
    • BSA - Belt-driven starter/alternator
    • MED177_M157 (Motor electronics)
    • VGSNAG2 (Fully Integrated transmission control)
    • VGSFDKG (Electronic Transmission control for double-plate clutch transmission)
    • VGS4NAG2 (Fully Integrated transmission control)
    • SCR - Selective Catalytic Reduction
    • TC166-Transfer case
    • MED177 AMG
    • ME2.7.2 (Motor electronics)
  • Chassis
    • ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
    • ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
    • BAS (Brake Assist System)
    • SBC (Sensotronic Brake System)
    • ABC/AIRmatic/ Suspension (Active Body Control)
    • VP (Vacuum Pump Brake Booster)
    • TPC/TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor)
    • EFB (Electric parking brake)
    • ES (Electrical power steering)
    • EPB (Electric parking brake)
    • ARS-Roll control
    • ABR (Adaptive Brake)
  • Body
    • AB (Air Bag)
    • ATA (Anti-Theft Alarm)
    • PTS (Parktronic System)
    • EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch)
    • SEM (Security Module)
    • PSE (Pneumatic System Equipment)
    • OCP (Overhead Control Panel)
    • LCP (Lower Control Panel)
    • SAM (Signal acquisition and actuation module)
    • SAM-FL (Front left signal acquisition and actuation module)
    • SAM-FR (Front right signal acquisition and actuation module)
    • SAM-F (Signal acquisition and actuation module front)
    • UCP (Upper Control Panel)
    • HRA (Headlamp Range Adjustment)
    • HRA-FL (Headlamp Range Adjustment, Front Left)
    • AAM (All Activity Module)
    • EAM (Extended Activity Module)
    • KG (Keyless Go)
    • RFL (Radio Frequency Locking)
    • VR (Vario Roof)
    • SVMCM /MSS (Special Vehicle Multifunction Control Module)
    • WSP(immobilizer)
    • AHE (Trailer Recognition)
    • RST (Roadster Soft-Top)
    • RevETR-LF (Left front reversible emergency tensioning retractor)
    • RevETR-RF (Right front reversible emergency tensioning retractor)
    • CGW(Central gateway)
    • PSD (Panoramic sliding roof)
    • Dr-side SAM (Driver signal acquisition and actuation module)
    • REAR SAM (Rear signal acquisition and actuation module)
    • SG-FOND (Rear control unit)
    • WSS (Weight sensing system)
    • XALWA-L (Xenon headlamp,left)
    • XALWA-R (Xenon headlamp,right)
    • SDS (System diagnosis)
    • COU (Central operating unit)
    • CRN (Center roof node)
    • HBF (Rear control panel)
    • VBF (Front control panel)
    • BNS (Vehicle power supply control module)
    • SG-DDW
    • BCG-Remote control(Rear control field)
    • SRS (Supplemental restraint system)
    • EZS (Electronic ignition lock)
    • DSI (DIRECT SELECT interface)
    • VDS-Vario roof control
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